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Carlos/Daniel Walker Kaspin


Frequently Asked Questions

:bulletorange: Yes, I am the creator of Clockwork. If you're looking for her story, don't ask me about it. You can find it through a simple google search.
:bulletorange: I use paint tool sai for my drawings, sometimes I even incorporate photoshop.
:bulletorange: I DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS. Ask me about art trades or commissions, they usually come on and off for me.
:bulletorange: Don't ask me to be your friend immediately. I'd rather get to know who you are. Don't take it personally, i'm just not the kind of person to rush into friendships.
:bulletorange: I will give drawing advice, depending on what you need advice on.
:bulletorange: I will critique for you, depending on what you need critiqued.
:bulletorange: Please don't send me notes unless it's something personal or relatively important. If you're going to say hi to me I prefer it to be on my page.
:bulletorange: Keep all conflict out of my comments section, please. If you have an issue with me note me about it. The less drama the better.
:bulletorange: Things I commonly draw are animals/fantasy and people, i'm still practicing backgrounds and architecture.
:bulletorange: I am often slow with art, the most time I get to work on anything is during the weekend or school breaks. Otherwise I get home at 6pm every day with a 10pm curfew.
:bulletorange: Don't take it personally if I don't reply or I don't thank you for a compliment, i'm just a little socially inept and it's hard thinking of something unique to say to everyone- especially with so many messages ;-;
:bulletorange: Things I take rather offensively are rape jokes, discrimination against certain types of people and random insults that are serious and not in a joking fashion. If you're one of these individuals and wish to talk to me, I'd very much respect it if you tried to stray away from these sorts of things while talking to me. Otherwise don't be surprised if I say something about it.
:bulletorange: The fandoms i'm most involved personally in are homestuck, tf2, OFF, and Spyro.


Special People

drawing by Immonia


:iconkastoway: Kino. We've both been through a lot, talked a lot, and shared many memories. You've been the only one I know who I could talk to about everything without being uncomfortable, and it's a huge relief because I don't feel as hidden anymore. You almost hold my life in your head. We've both helped each other, and will hopefully always be there when we need one another. Life without you would be impossible, and I say that with every bit of my soul. i'm always here.

:iconslothulu: Bronson you're a special person, even if you don't realize it. I don't think you've gotten much recognition of how strong you are, and how much you've been through. I still don't know too much about you, but I know you're not some coward. And not only that, but you put everyone else before yourself and that's one of the most courageous things a human being can do. Slothy; I don't care how you talk to me, or how insecure you may be. I love you, and everyone else does. If they don't, there's something wrong with them because you're amazing.

:iconacember: Every time I talk to you Heather, my day is immediately brightened up because you scream happiness and everything I love to laugh at. I feel like whenever something is starting to get bad, you manage to turn it all around with some simple chatter. I feel like you deserve more credit, because you've been through a many heartbreak and obviously more personal things that I would like to get to know about you. I don't care what you or anyone says, you're an amazing artist and you're style is simply wonderful. I love being able to share personal thoughts and opinions with you.

||The Kaspin Family||



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JazzBerryTigerCandy Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just stalking sempai's page. Don't mind me....
TerminallySadistic Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
.-. FINALLY someone part of the same fandoms as me, and isn't crazy<3 Grog I already love you friend.  
Cyberweasel89 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Hey! Are you really the creator of Clockwork?

I just heard Clockwork's story read by Mr Creepy Pasta today, and I have to say, she's one of the few original female Creepypastas with no dependency on another Creepypasta's mythos and story, so... Good job! One of my favorites! I'm very impressed! Her story was freaking awesome!

I was so impressed, actually, that I'm extending you a request and an offer:

I'm writing a Creepypasta literary series titled "Carrier of the Light" that might just get made into a webcomic (assuming my head artist stops being difficult). I was wondering if I could feature Clockwork in the story, and if you could help me with figuring out the perfect way to feature and portray her.

So far, I'd like to stick to most of the Creepypastas being villains (too many fan stories feature them as good guys), but there WILL be exceptions. Notably, I plan for BEN Drowned to be trapped by the main character in her computer. Whether Clockwork has a one or two chapter feature (like Russian Sleep Experiment and Dust), she has an entire chapter intro and is featured on and off for the rest of the story (like Jeff the Killer, Slenderman, and Masky) or she becomes a member of the main cast (like BEN Drowned) is entirely up to you, but I'd preferably like to feature or mention a possible relationship with Ticci Toby if you'd allow that, the extent of which is up to you.

Whether you work closely with the Carrier of the Light team or just give me some flexible instructions is also up to you. I just want you to know that Clockwork might just be my favorite Creepypasta figure, and I'd very much like to feature her in my story's and possible comic's mythos.
BlackRoses4356 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I like your webcam.
GhostNoodleZ Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2015  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Symmetry0082 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015
Um, h-hi. I just wanted to say that I really like your art and you sound like a really nice person. Uh, I'm sorry for somewhat stuttering but I'm usually really shy and I don't like to comment often. I understand if you don't want to reply, who would want to talk to a nobody like me anyway...?
EclipsRazor Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015  New member Student Artist
uh..hi im normally not one to go up and say hi to someone but i enjoy you're art and wanted to let you know that its really neat although enough people probably tell you that so theirs not much of a point for me to tell ya..
TheLadyIssu Featured By Owner Edited Jan 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello Hello *is sitting in a small cardboard acting as a boat, my umbrella bieng an oar* I see you have artwork for OFF. Much welcomes are in order. so
Welcome~! [Point commissions]Mortis Ghost Sprite 1 by jujulmil

also here:
autumnlatte Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Daniel... where'd you get that flippin' fancy pixel of Carlos drinking out of a coffee pot?? Did you make it?? It's so cute!! ; U ;
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Flamestar00 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2015  Student General Artist
Hello Carlos,

I stumbled across your page, yes because you are the creator of Clockwork. Creepypasta is a fandom I have only just really discovered and got into as it were. 

I don't mind if you don't reply ^^. I'm not exactly a social butterfly either. 

I noticed that you are a fan of Spyro? I love that so much! Which is your favourite game in the series?

I hope that you have had a safe and Happy Christmas and New Year,

Any advice to improve my art would be welcome but only if you want, I don't mind!

I look forward to making your acquaintance,


PS: I hope I don't come off as creepy or strange ;-;
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